Beginners’ Yoga

Beginners' Yoga

Class Description:

Yoga, and even heated yoga can be quite intimidating for those who are completely new to the practice, or haven’t been to a class before. This is a Vinyasa-style similar to our standard Flow Yoga class, that is slowed and broken down with explanations from the teacher.  It is designed to build up beginners’ comfort levels in practicing yoga.

Beginners’ Heated Yoga:

Our beginners’ heated yoga is the same as standard non-heated beginners’ class, however is the room isn heated to a warm 26° celsius. Once you feel accustomed to practicing in a 26 degree room, the aim is that you will gain the confidence in taking the next step towards practicing in studios heated at 32° Celsius.

Class Temperature:

Either room temperature or a Warm 26° Celsius (80° Fahrenheit). See the schedule for more information.

What to Bring:

A bottle of water. Comfortable fitted sports clothing that allows you to stretch easily.

Experience Required:

No experience required, however if it is your first ever yoga class, please arrive 15-20 minutes early and let the teacher know its your first time and they’ll guide you to set-up and start the class.

  • Please ensure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the class as we are not allowed to allow clients into the class once it has begun.
  • This class is not suitable for woman who are pregnant. For more information on our pregnancy policy, please click here.

The Tribe Yoga Leaders

Our expert Tribe Yoga teachers will guide you through each pose and meditative exercise to ensure participants across all skill levels are getting the most out of their chosen practice!

Wyn Pottratz

Senior Barre, Pilates & Yoga Teacher

Tyler McNeil

Yoga Teacher
Tessa Tweedie Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Tessa Tweedie

Operations Manager; Senior Yoga Teacher
Sarah McCaffer Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Sarah McCaffer

Yoga Teacher

Samantha Kleman

Yoga Teacher

Natalie Sutherland

Yoga & Barre Teacher
Lizzie McGhee Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Lizzie McGhee

Yoga Teacher

Livvy Dobbs

Yoga Teacher

Kitty Peat

Yoga Teacher
Katy Wakefield Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Katy Wakefield

Yoga Teacher
Jess Mackenzie Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Jess Mackenzie

Senior Yoga Teacher
Jacob Mellish Edinburgh Tribe Yoga

Jacob Mellish

Yoga Teacher

Hailey O’Hara

Head of Yoga Teacher Training; Senior Yoga Teacher

Evelyn Hurtado

Senior Yoga Teacher

Emma West

Yoga Teacher

Booking a Beginners' Yoga Class

If you would like to attend one of the above classes, please click on the studio most suitable to you below:

Tribe Yoga New Town

71 Northumberland Street

Edinburgh EH3 6JG

Tribe Yoga Quartermile

1 Porters Walk

Edinburgh EH3 9GJ

Tribe Yoga Leith Walk

35-36 Haddington Place

Edinburgh EH7 4AG

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