Neesha Jambagi


Yoga Teacher
Growing up in a family of yogis, Neesha rediscovered yoga’s potential as a tool to stay grounded while travelling the world and as a compliment to other sports to stay injury free.
Part Dutch, part Indian, Neesha is passionate about our environment. Our connection to the earth inspires her every morning. She loves to share creative flows and strong practices, incorporating breath work to get your prana flowing. Her classes aim to hold space for you to experiment with your own movement, exploring and expanding your physical and mental boundaries. Expect to leave feeling refreshed and revived, with a big smile (and a bit of sweat) on your face.
“Your yoga practice is an invitation to examine yourself from different angles, to understand, accept and love yourself a little bit more every time – yourself in its entirety – mind, body, spirit, the light and the dark. So approach your practice with curiosity, smile from the inside out, expect nothing and appreciate everything!”


Weekly Schedule