If you are interested in teaching or working for Tribe, please send us an email at jointhetribe@tribe.yoga. We never post for positions, but have and will continue to develop a talent bank of individuals whom will be contacted when opportunities arise.

What do we look for?

Our small Tribe, a team that we have taken to calling the Tribe Leaders are a select group of individuals. We have gone against the grain in that, these individuals have not been chosen based upon where they completed their training, how many hours of teaching they’ve completed nor how many instagram followers they have (!). We have selected our team based upon a number of core principles that we believe will promote the advancement and betterment of the individual, the Tribe and also yoga. These principles are based upon one single word:


Most people incorrectly substitute the words experience with passion. However it is easy to reflect and remember having teachers, bosses or others whom were truly passionate about a subject and the impact that it had on you and your ability to learn from them.

We have selected our instructors whom have a natural and very evident passion for:

•Teaching those who wish to learn.
•Seeing their student’s progress over time.
•Wishing to impact upon the community.
•Whom want to learn more and advance themselves as teachers.

One of the key attributes to being able to maintain this passion and keep our teachers happy is ensuring that they themselves are looked after by the Tribe and by our community. As such we have developed what we call the Tribe Promise:

FEEL THE LOVE:All employees of Tribe have free access to all classes under a standby system. The rule is very simply, if there is a spare place, it’s yours.

IT’S YOUR HOME TOO:Want to self-practice or practice with some other instructors? When the space is free, it’s yours to use and practice with! Don’t even ask to use it!

MATES RATES:Up to three of your friends or family have access to classes with a 40% discount. You can reallocate these every 6 months.

SPREAD THE LOVE:We will never ask you to not work at other studios or have your own classes. In fact we would support and encourage both of these as we believe it encourages innovation and diversity of thought and mind.

EMPLOYEE SUPPORT:We’d love for you to succeed individually in your own career track and in your professional teaching. If you teach or work more than 4 hours per week and have worked with us for more than 6 months we will dedicate both financial and time resources to your own personal growth. This will be done on an individual basis against your own one and five year goals.

RAD CLOTHES:We want you to feel good when you’re teaching at Tribe. We want your focus on your class and your students. With this in mind we have partnered with a number of leading yoga clothing companies to provide both class and non-class wear. Every year we will review this with our retail partners and you the employees will decide what it is you wear when working at Tribe.

EXTRA MOOLAH?We understand sometimes its hard to achieve the hours you wish you could. In situations where you’re looking for some extra moolah we will endeavour to provide hours before and/or after your classes within the boutique.

THE LIVING WAGE:We pay the living wage. No ifs, buts or howevers. Every single one of our employees is on the living wage or higher. More information on the living wage can be found here.

FAMILY GATHERINGS:Every month we will have a class with a guest instructor followed by tea and a catch up.