Join the Tribe Yoga family!

Careers with Tribe Yoga

At Tribe Yoga we are always looking for amazing teachers to join our small family. We teach the following class styles: Vinyasa Flow & Power; Yin & Yin Yang; Restorative; Tribe Cycle; Barre & Pilates. 

If you have any interest in joining our tribe, please email us on: [email protected].

How we employ our teachers:

Most of the yoga industry globally is populated with studios and self employed contractors, as part of the gig economy. This is where teachers are paid (in Edinburgh) between £15 and £30 per class and will in most cases teach at 4+ studios/gyms/community centres etc. Whilst this is, for those who choose it an honourable method of growth and development …

We are different.

Classes at Tribe Yoga are delivered by employed teachers, who have access to all the employment rights people have in other jobs. For example this includes 28 days paid holidays each year, option to have a pension, maternity leave/pay and importantly are not dismissible without notice without reason (such as self employed contractors). We in fact were used by the Scottish Government as a case study in employment within the fitness industry. Click here for more info on that!

How does it work?

Teachers at Tribe will work in shifts of between 5 and 8.5 hours and be paid an hourly rate and depending on their work pattern considered full time or part time. We also have a mix of salaried and hourly teachers, depending on the teachers requirements, and on their own personal development as teachers grow within the company.

For example, we pay apprentices an hourly rate, and teachers who have worked for less than 6 months an hourly rate. After this we may choose to offer the teacher the option to be salaried whereby an employee, teacher or otherwise is paid for their function and not time.

Wow! Thats sounds different from other studios!

What will I be doing and how much will I be teaching?

Using the example of a full time teacher. A full time teacher who has worked for us for over 6 months and progressed to salary will be contracted to 40 hours per week plus 5 hours of breaks. The teacher will mostly be scheduled for only 32-36 hours of work per week and possibly have an on-call shift, whereby they may be called in for work.

During their shifts they will prepare the physical studios, clean, man reception, greet clients, work on marketing, social media, train, prepare classes and anything else required for the studio to function well. A teacher may teach up to 4 classes in a day. Anything beyond that the teacher will receive additional payment. We limit the amount of classes to 16 per week. Our average full time teacher is currently (July 2018) teaching 14 classes per week (2.8 classes per day).

Is it better than being Self Employed?

No, it’s not better or worse, it is very different. This will be more suited to certain types of teachers and not suited to others. This is really a personal choice, one which we are always happy to help you with. For us, the employment (instead of self employed contractors) model is a more expensive model, but we believe, we are a better company for it. So it works for us.

Ok. So what do you pay?

As mentioned before we have a range of pay rates. They depend on a number of factors and are at the discretion of the management team and employee to move from one to another. These rates of pay are:

Starting Pay Rates for Self Employed Teacher Class Only Rates*:

  • Self Employed 45 minute Yoga/Pilates/Barre Class: £30
  • Self Employed 60 minute Yoga/Pilates/Barre Class: £30
  • Self Employed 30/45/60 minute Tribe Cycle Class: £30
  • Classes with less than 10 or less will be paid at a rate of: £25

Employee Rates:

For hourly staff members we pay at least the living wage foundation rate of £9.90 per hour. We pay this regardless of age or experience.

  • Reception & Admin Team: £9.90 per hour, 28 days of holidays pro rata.
  • Apprentice Teacher: £9.00 per hour, 28 days of holidays pro rata full time.
  • New Teacher 0-3 months: £10.00 per hour, 28 days of holidays pro rata full time.
  • Experienced Part Time Teacher: £12.50 per hour, 28 days of holidays pro rata full time.
  • Teacher 6 months plus*: FT £24,000 per annum salary, 28 days of holidays pro rata full time.

*Please note all of the above are at the discretion of the company, and are based on the progression of a teacher.