Our Team

Our Tribe Teachers

Yoga, Barre, Pilates, or Cycle? Or a combination of all four? Our teachers have you covered!

Angie Lake

Yoga Teacher

Beth Connon

Cycle Teacher
Cecilia Ho Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Cecilia Ho

Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher

Evelyn Hurtado

Senior Yoga Teacher

Hannah Kulmatycki

Barre Teacher

Hannah Raymond

Yoga Teacher
Jacob Mellish Edinburgh Tribe Yoga

Jacob Mellish

Yoga Teacher
Jess Mackenzie Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Jess Mackenzie

Senior Yoga Teacher

Katrina Easson

Senior Cycle, Barre & Pilates Teacher
Kayla Medina Yoga Edinburgh Tribe

Kayla Medina

Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher

Lara Jane

Studio Manager, Pilates, Barre, Cycle & Yoga Teacher

Louise Alexander

Studio Manager, Fit, Yoga, Barre & Cycle Teacher
Madhura Bhagwat Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Madhura Bhagwat

Head of Yoga & Senior Yoga Teacher

Marjorie Brewer

Pilates & Barre Teacher

Mika Benjamin

Yoga Teacher

Peach Anderson

Yoga Teacher
Sarah McCaffer Tribe Yoga Edinburgh

Sarah McCaffer

Yoga Teacher