Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette at Tribe

Plus a tourist's guide to some local phrases!
1. ‘Dinnae Be Lae Pal’  |  No Admittance to Class After it Starts
Arrive at least 10 minutes before your class starts as late arrivals are disruptive to other clients and can distract the  teacher. It is also not advisable to miss the warm up. Our classes are  regularly full with waitlists so your space will be given to someone else if you are not here on time.
2. ‘Gies Yir Patter.’  |  Let us Know How to Help You
Notify the instructor before every class if you have any special medical considerations, injuries, or prefer to not have hands-on adjustments. If you are pregnant you should only participate in our pregnancy classes. Not all of our teachers are qualified to instruct mums-to-be.
3. ‘Nae Cameras or Phones, Ken?’  |  Technology Free Zone
No cameras or cell phones are allowed in the studio. If you are awaiting an emergency call, then please leave your phone with our reception team and we will get you if required. Do not take photos once you are in the studios or changing areas.
4. ‘Haud Yer Wheesht!!’  |  Keep the Zen. Shhh!
Unless otherwise instructed please do not speak in class. As we have two studios in close proximity please keep noise to a minimum in the changing area to respect the clients in class.
5. ‘Keep tha Heid’  |  Chill Out & Be Kind to All
We understand stuff happens out of your control. However, our rules are carefully thought out and are in place for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Please keep it chill!