PLEASE NOTE: We do not have access to the studio phone lines at this time. Please direct all inquiries to studio@tribe.yoga where we will respond as soon as possible.
Update 18/07/20

We’re back!!.. (kind of)

Come and say 

Hello Tribers!

Although we’re not yet able to move with you all again in the studio, we are SO excited to announce we are running some small classes at The Neighbourgood Market in Stockbridge. Classes will commence on Saturday the 18th of July.

Our team are working hard to ensure your upmost safety and comfort when coming to class and so we have a some procedures to make you aware of…

Class sizes will be very limited.

To see our schedule for this weekend, click here (market classes will appear under New Town studio location). Booking will go live tomorrow, Friday 17th July, at 9am so get ready to book and secure your spot, as classes will sell out fast! Due to the latest government guidance, we will be running with small classes of 4 households to a maximum of 8 people.

You will be able to purchase a 1x person class or a 2x person class booking by clicking here.*

*if you do not see market pricing, please clear cookies on your device.

Market pricing is detailed below.

– 1 class pack x 1 person: £12

– 1 class pack x 2 people: £20

For those of you with remaining Class Packs (1, 5 & 10) you will be able to use these at the market but note you will not be able to book a second person in your household to join the class.

Keep your distance!

The mats and bikes will be spaced in accordance with the 2 metre distanced outdoor exercise government guidance. Please ensure when queueing before class you adhere to social disatncing. Please also arrive 10 minutes before class starts as there will be no admittance once the class has began. 

Your safety is our top priority.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the enterance and staff will be wearing protective masks for check in. The bikes will go through a deep sanitation prior to every class, and after every class. Equipment such as headsets and weights will only be used every 48 hours and will also be sanitised before and after every class.

We ask that if you are showing even the slightest of symptoms (new continuous cough, high temperature, loss or change to your smell or taste) to please follow the law and stay at home.  

Please bring your own mat or towel.

We will not be providing mats, so require you to please bring your own mat or towel to practice on. You don’t have to have a fancy yoga mat or yoga towel, a simple beach towel would suffice. 

Markers will space out each mat within distanced circles, so you will be comfortable and safely distanced within your own little zone.

We’ll be live streaming select market classes.

For clients who aren’t ready to come back just yet, we will be hosting daily live streams to keep you moving from home! These classes will be available to book through our website and clearly labelled as live streamed classes. If you miss out on a spot at the market, feel free to book in this way and join us from home.

The live streamed classes will cost £6 per class for a single drop in or £40 for a pack of 10.

Studio reopening:

We had originally planned on a reopening date of August 1st, however as the situation is still fluid with the government and council guidance we are still awaiting further information before we set an exact date. If you were to ask us to guess when it might happen, we believe/hope that it will be between the 1st and 15th of August. Before we reopen we will send out an additional email on changes to our normal procedures to ensure you all have an awesome but very safe time.


We will be emailing out a membersihp update on Monday of next week. However, to let you in on our thinking we plan on starting memberships, for those comfortable, on September 1st. We will have flexibility on start date for members who are not quite ready to return and need a bit more time to readjust. We believe that starting memberships back up for the market, or for the presumed August studio openings, would not provide the value you would associate with Tribe.

 ~ Please note there may be a queue to get into the Grange Club. Please go to the front of the queue and show your class booking on your phone to let yourself in. Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes at the Tribe Yoga tent prior to the class starting.

Update 22/03/20

Hi there!

Thank you so much for all the patience and support we have received from you during this past week.

On Friday morning, I made the difficult decision to close on Sunday the 22nd of March as a result of having 60% of our management team and 30% of our teachers self isolating. We decided we were then in a position where we could not operate effectively and safely. We were then advised by government to close that same Friday, earlier than anticipated. I have detailed some key points below I know many of you are searching for answers on.

Temporary Closure

As you are probably already aware, we have temporarily closed all three studios and plan to reopen once government advice allows us to do so. We will continue to provide further updates on our social media channels and by email.

The phone lines at all three studios will no longer be operational. I ask that you email memberships@tribe.yoga for membership related inquiries and concierge@tribe.yoga for anything else. I have tasked three of our core team, Tessa, Mel and Emma with answering all emails for now. Their work schedules will be the standard Monday to Friday, 9-5.

The facilities will be completely closed the public and we will perform some deep cleaning and maintenance work during this period.



Quite a few of you have offered to keep paying memberships whilst we are closed to support our wee business. Whilst many of these comments and offers are deeply deeply appreciated and often have brought me to tears, we will politely decline.  

We don’t have a lot of money, but do have enough to look after our employees and keep the lights on for a wee while. It’s personally important to me, that you get what you pay for, and I hope, when we reopen you may bring a friend or a loved one to join our tribe instead.

Anyhoo … our key points on membership will be as follows:

  • You will not be charged for any days we are closed!
  • We will not be taking any membership payments, until the 1st day we are re-open. You will have at least 48 hours notice of this.
  • Any of you who have frozen your membership and have paid a £20 fee will also have this fee removed from your next payment.
  • Any days missed in March as a result of closure will be given as a pro-rated discount from your next membership payment. For example, if you pay £95 per month, then you will receive a 35% (11 days closed / 31 days in the month = 35%) discount from your next £95 payment (£33.25) taken on the day we reopen and not on the 1st of April.
  • Any of you who were due to join us on April 1st from the waitlist and paid £20 we will be getting in touch with.

If you need any further clarity on these points, please don’t hesitate to email us on memberships@tribe.yoga, Tessa, Mel and Emma will be in touch as fast as they can.

Class Passes

On Monday next week, we will be extending all class passes for 2 months to provide extra time for you. In the unlikely event that we won’t open within a month, we will of course extend for a further month and will continue this until we open. If you have any questions on this or feel that we have missed you please email us on concierge@tribe.yoga.

Tribe Online

We want to bring all the things you love about Tribe to an online platform. We want to provide more than just an online class. We are and have been working hard to create an innovative and supportive online space where we can all come together. As of Monday, we will begin live streaming and producing a selection of online content through Vimeo that we are excited to share with you. Click here for our channel. We are hoping to offer 7x or 8x 30 minute and 1 hour classes per day. These classes (touch wood) will remain online for you to use at a future time also. 

This will be completely free of charge.  

For those of you who were keen to offer to still pay their memberships, or those of you who want to contribute to the costs of running the online streaming we have setup an online funding page.

After paying for the teacher, all money raised will be matched by Tribe Yoga and will go towards providing Tribe classes to ‘Key Workers’ when we reopen. We believe, for those of you who can no longer afford the costs of classes, and for those of you working tirelessly to maintain the society we live in that this is the best thing we can do. We might not be able to do it forever, but will as along as we can.

If you would like to donate, please click here.

Yours sincerely,

James Wilson

Founder & Chief @ Tribe Yoga / Tribe Cycle

Update 18/03/20

As of 18th March, we have changed our schedule to facilitate for deep cleaning of the studios between classes. This will be communicated via email and the new schedule is currently being updated on the website and MindBody.

We are also reducing class sizes further to allow for a minimum space of 1 meter between you and your neighbour. 

We are no longer using props in class and urge clients to please bring your own props and mats if possible.


Update 16/03/20

Following our email sent on March 4th, we are continuing to keep a very close eye on the developments of COVID-19 and monitor the information released by the Government and Public Health Scotland. We thought it necessary to provide an update on our next steps as this fluid situation changes. We sincerely appreciate the support, love and thoughtful comments we have been receiving from our incredible tribe. 

We would like to make you aware of the changes that you may see at Tribe and of our plans to continue supporting our community, considering different scenarios. We have been proactive in preparing for a number of eventualities and outlined these below and how these will affect you. We want to reassure you all that the health of our community is top priority and we want wellness to be accessible for everybody throughout this difficult time of uncertainties.


What are we doing now? 

– We are reducing class sizes to allow for a minimum space of 1 meter between you and your neighbour. 

– We will remove more classes to allow for a greater time period between classes to deep clean the studios. As of today the 17thof March for tomorrow the 18th of March we are cancelling classes and making a new schedule. This will be communicated to you via email and the new schedule is now live on the website and MindBody. 

– We are fully deep cleaning the facilities and continuing to increase cleaning in the studios, reception and of mats before and after classes.  

– We are no longer providing hands on adjustments in class.

– We are asking you to use hand sanitiser before and after class. 

– We are asking you to please stay at home if you show any symptoms of the virus. 

– We are completely stopping using props in class and we urge you to bring your own if possible. 

– We encourage you to please bring your own mat and mat towels if possible. 

– We are happy to pause your membership if needed – please get in touch at concierge@tribe.yoga

– We are working to see if we support our colleagues at the NHS – more news to follow.


If we have to temporarily close our doors: 

– We will live stream a selection of our classes everyday through YouTube and Facebook, completely free of charge. This will include Tribe fit, sculpt, power, barre, flow, yin, yin yang and prenatal yoga.  

– We will provide podcasts, including tips for mindfulness and staying active during self-isolation. 

– We will host live Q+A’s with teachers, so that we can continue to support and communicate within our community. 

– We will utilize the time to provide training and renovate the facilities where needed.  

– We will increase the expiry date on all intro offer’s from 1 month to 3 months.    

From today, for 3 month and 6 month class passes, if you need we will honour a 2 month extension if you are unable to use the classes in their 3 month and 6 month periods. Please get in touch 1 week before the expiry or once they have expired. Please email concierge@tribe.yoga with your requests.

For members, if we close the studios, the pro-rated value of any period of time closed will be reduced from your next billing period. We appreciate some of you may wish to avoid coming to classes and if so, please feel free to pause your membership. 

If you have any other questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch at concierge@tribe.yoga.  For more information you can familiarise yourselves with the most up to date information by checking the website of Health Protection Scotland.

Again, thank you for being patient and supportive during this very difficult time.

The Tribe Yoga Team


Update 04/03/20

As you would expect, at Tribe we are keeping a very close eye on the developments of Coronavirus. As a studio with an international clientele, Tribe closely follows the information and advice released by the Government and Public Health Scotland with regards to the spread and containment of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can familiarise yourselves with the most up to date information by checking the website :

Health Protection Scotland


Please help us to maintain a clean and healthy space by paying keen attention to personal hygiene, particularly in respect of frequent and thorough washing of hands, and the immediate and safe disposal of used tissues. We have hand sanitiser stations situated throughout our 3 studios and encourage you to use them. 

If you have returned from any of the specific areas detailed on the government website since the 19th February you should not come to the studio, self-isolate and call NHS 111 whether or not you are showing any symptoms or even if your symptoms are mild.

Members who have visited the studio within the previous 14 days and who are subsequently diagnosed as having contracted Coronavirus, or have been in proximity to someone who has subsequently been diagnosed as having contracted Coronavirus, are asked to advise Indaba management immediately.

We will continue to closely monitor the information published by the Department of Health and Social Care and will advise teachers and clients of any changes in the advice received.

Kind Regards,  

 From All at Tribe